CBD White label services

White label is the most popular practice in the European CBD industry. White label CBD market accounts for 90% of European CBD brands. . Ilesol Pharmaceuticals is a leading producer of white label CBD oil in Europe, and our white label CBD oil is our most selling product. All the products made by our company can easily undergo branding and customization to  meet the specific requirements of your end product.

What are CBD white label products?

White labeling is the process of purchasing products from another company and rebranding them as your own .The company selling the final product to the consumer is typically not involved in manufacturing .This process involves purchasing bulk CBD oil from a manufacturer and customizing it with your own branding, labels, and packaging.

What are the benefits of selling white label CBD?

White labeling products is a fast and cost-effective way to start a business, as it eliminates upfront costs associated with development and manufacturing. This make it an excellent opportunity for both startups and established companies to enter  the thriving CBD market and build their brand. Partnering with a trustworthy manufacturer and providing a unique, high-quality product  enables you to focus on building your brand and establishing a strong market presence and foster long-term success.

How to white label CBD products?

At Ilesol Pharmaceuticals, we offer three levels of white label service:



bottle filling

Filling + Labelling


bottle filling
printing serial numbers
printing expiry date

Complete Service


bottle filling
printing serial numbers
printing expiry date
packing in product boxes
packing delivery box

How to make the white label purchase faster?

From your first enquiry we work alongside you to fully understand your needs, before delivering you a quote that meets your requirements.

Below, we outline the step-by-step process of white labelling CBD oil to help you make the most informed decision for your business.

STEP 1 – Select the Right Product Formulation

Choose the CBD oil formulation that aligns with your brand’s vision and target market. There are various formulations available, including:

CBD/CBG Full Spectrum (Natural or Purified) oil ; CBD/CBG Broad Spectrum oil; CBD/CBG  Pure oil ; CBD/CBG  Distillate Broad Spectrum oil and  customized formulations.

STEP 2 – Choose the Desired  Concentrations

The concentration of CBD/CBG in our oils ranges from 1-30%.

Decide on the concentration of  THC:  we offer full spectrum oils with concentrations  less than 0.2% THC or with less than 0.05% THC, or pure and broad spectrum oils with non detectable THC. You know your market best.

STEP 3 – Customize Your Product

Select  your preferred  carrier oil  and any additional ingredients or flavors to make a product that fits your brand’s exact requirements.  We can offer an extensive  range of customization options to create a product tailored to your brand’s specifications.

Carrier oils play a significant role in CBD oils as they impact taste, color, absorption, and can provide added health benefits to your product.

We offer a variety of carrier oils in stock:

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • MCT  Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Refined Hemp Seed Oil.

However, if you have any other carrier oil in mind, feel free to request it from us. Other carrier oils are possible upon request.

STEP 4 – Choose the  Type of Service

First decide on the  bottle  size – 10 ml / 30 ml.

Choose a type of service:


STEP 5 – Discuss Packaging & Labeling with Us

To create a cohesive brand image you should collaborate  with a professional designers to develop packaging and labels that embody your brand’s personality and values. .We simply send you the templates of the labels and boxes, so they can update the files with your logo and design. Your packaging should be visually appealing and informative, while also complying with any relevant regulations and guidelines

If you opt for labeling and packaging services, you need to send us your materials.

Your packaging materials can be securely stored in our warehouse in Croatia, with storage available for up to one pallet of your materials.

For support in  finding  the  right printing company, we can  connect you to local companies  we cooperate with, but all  negotiations and design decisions are your responsibility.

We can provide bottles, caps, and droppers for you, or you can send us over your own.

Our offer in stock:

  • 10/30 ml bottles-food grade, amber glass T3 with a tamper-evident screw cap
  • 10/30 ml tamper-evident glass dropper
  • We provide technical drawings and specifications upon request

We provide technical drawings and specifications upon request.

STEP 6 – CPNP Registration Support

If choosing cosmetic oils, by registering with the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal), you can create regulatory clarity for your product.
We can advise you on legal matters and guide you on important factors to consider.

If you require assistance with notification, our team can assist you.  Kindly reach out to us for further information.

STEP 7 – Choose Your Capacity and Request a Quote

To support  growth of new brands  our low MOQ allows you  you to start with a  minimum order of just 100 pieces per product with no maximum limit.

After placing the order and making the prepayment agreed upon with our employee, we will immediately start the production process.

When your product is ready, we­ will prepare and organize the fastest and most convenient delivery and inform you about the shipment.

We ship your goods reliably to to any country in the world to your desired location.



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