White label services

White label is the most popular practice in the European CBD industry. White label CBD market accounts for 90% of European CBD brands. At Ilesol Pharmaceuticals, white label CBD oil is our most selling product. We are among the top CBD white label manufacturers in Europe. All the products made by our company can easily undergo branding and customization to become a perfect fit for your final product.

white label cbd

What are CBD white label products?

White label CBD products are manufactured by our company using the branding requested by a purchaser, or a marketer. This way, your white label CBD product seems as it has been produced by your company, and not us. Choosing the best white label CBD supplier among the influx of CBD white label companies can prove to be a key factor in your business success.


What are the benefits of selling white label CBD?

White label CBD services are a great opportunity for startups, as well as established companies. White labeling lets you take an already successful product and brand it as your own. You can use our manufacturing license and save time as well as financial resources, and still have quality assurance for your product. Using white label CBD service helps you introduce new products on the evergrowing CBD market.


How to white label CBD products?

At Ilesol Pharmaceuticals, we offer three levels of white label service:


Our filling service includes oil filling in the bottles.



Our filling/labeling service includes bottle filling and labeling and printing serial number and expiry date on the label. This service doesn’t include packing the bottles in their distinctive product packaging boxes.



Our complete service includes

  • bottle filling
  • labeling
  • packing in product packaging boxes
  • printing serial numbers and expiration date
  • packing delivery box


How to make the white label purchase faster?

The design of your final product is extremely important and can make a huge difference in its market success. Your company should have a clear and final decision about all design solutions for your end product before placing the order.

If you haven’t found a designing or printing company, we can offer to connect you to a local company, but all the negotiations and design decisions are your responsibility.

We can provide bottles, caps, and droppers for you, or you can send us over your own.

Our offer in stock:

  • 10 /30 ml bottles-food grade, amber glass T3 with a tamper-evident screw cap
  • 10/30 ml tamper-evident glass dropper

We provide technical drawings and specifications upon request.

The decisions about bottle design need to be made before the order.

As soon as your company delivers all the packaging materials, we can start our production process.