Private label services / Customized products

We provide private label services, with our CBD oils and other products made exclusively for the specific client. Our company is open to custom-made business solutions, and we have broad experience in various formulations production.

Our quality management system ensures the highest quality of our private label CBD products. You can order your own private label CBD line from us with absolute trust and complete confidence in the delivery of a unique and state-of-art product.

What are the benefits of private label CBD products?

With lower operating costs, private label CBD products achieve higher profit margins and stronger market stability. Brand personality is crucial for building a customer base, and using private label CBD branding can help you separate from your competitors. With good branding and marketing, the exclusive right to sell your private label CBD product can attract customers and keep their long term loyalty.

How do I order a private label product?

Our private label products are available in bulk or with packaging services included. Our clients often have demands in terms of the addition of specific ingredients, not originating from hemp. Those are often complex products with different combinations of ingredients. Here’s the procedure: A client first sends their wish or precise specification. When we consider their demand, we determine whether we can fulfill it. When we start with product development, the client pays a fee for product development and the purchase of samples of additional ingredients (if we already have those ingredients, they don’t pay extra). After we finish the product development, we send the client samples. When the client confirms that the product is satisfying, we purchase the ingredients and start with the production. Each private label product we produce is made exclusively for a specific client, and not offered for purchase to the others.