Product lines, Oils, represent various extract types and formulations.

CBD / CBG Oil formulations are produced from various extract types. Extract types differ according to the purification step in the isolate production process. Extraction methods used in production is a supercritical CO2 extraction.

Our standard stock of base oils fulfill product requests for:

  • Cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil
  • Refined hemp seed oil
  • MCT oil

Any other base oils can be supplied upon client’s request.
Total THC (THC+0,877xTHCA) content of oils is 0,2 % with possible lower THC, or non detectable THC.

Natural CBD oils / Natural CBG oils

Refined HS oil base [e.g.]

Natural oil is formulated from winterized raw CO2 extracts and base oil.

After the 1st stage of winterization (partial removal of waxes from the extract, using ethanol and low temperatures) of raw CO2 extract, most of the waxes are removed. Extract becomes fully liquid and homogeneous.

Therefore the liquid extract is easily mixed with oils which allows us to achieve high CBD/CBG concentrations, and maintain the fluidity of the product.

The wax removal process used in Natural oil formulations distinguishes us in quality of product from the majority of the market.

Natural oils contain chlorophyll, they are mildly bitter in taste and dark green in color. Variations of color and taste depend of the potency of the product and batch of extract.

The product is non-decarboxylated and contains neutral and acid forms of CBD/CBG (i.e. CBD/CBG and CBDA/CBGA).

  • Natural CBD/CBG oils can be decarboxylated according to the customer request
  • Natural CBD/CBG oil is a full-spectrum product

Upon the clients request Natural CBD/CBG oils can be enriched with :

  • Natural hemp terpenes
  • Hemp terpene blends
  • Aromas  (e.g. Lemon, Mint etc.)

Purified CBD oils / Purified CBG oils

Refined HS oil base [e.g.]

Purified oils are formulated from distilled extract and base oil. The distilled extract is the winterized raw CO2 extract purified in several stages of molecular distillation. Prior to the distillation process the winterized raw extract is fully decarboxylated.

Distillation process removes various coextracted impurities from the raw extract (e.g. residual plant lipids, fine waxes and chlorophyll). After the distillation the extract is re-winterized at extremely low temperature.

Distillate flavour prevails in Purified oil. The choice of base oil also affects the taste of the product. Variations of taste and color are minimal between the batches.

The distillate is slightly bitter in taste, red in color and has high concentrations of CBD/CBG

At room temperature, it will start to crystallize.

  • The purified oil is a full-spectrum product
  • Purified oil is fully decarboxylated

Upon the clients request Purified CBD/CBG oils can be enriched with :

  • Natural hemp terpenes
  • Hemp terpene blends
  • Aromas  (e.g. Lemon, Mint etc.)

Pure CBD oils / Pure CBG oils

Hemp seed oil base [e.g.]

Pure oils are formulated from CBD/CBG isolate or CBD/CBG crumble and base oil. Pure oils DO NOT contain THC.

Base oil gives the dominant taste and color to Pure oil.

Upon the clients request Pure CBD/CBG  oils can be enriched with :

  • Natural hemp terpenes
  • Hemp terpene blends
  • Aromas  (e.g. Lemon, Mint etc.)