CBD/CBG Extracts from our product line are used as intermediates in final formulation production.

Total THC (THC+0,877xTHCA) concentration in all types of extracts we use in our formulations  is under 0,2%. Color and taste may vary by the  steps of purification and extract batch.

Hemp Extracts (also known as paste) are a powerful source of CBD/CBG. Hemp Extracts are rich in various and benificial ingredients (e.g. terpenes, flavenoids, cannabinoids…) which makes them an excellent source of these scarce molecules.

CBD Purified extract / CBG Purified Extract

The purified extract is a product obtained from the distillation process. The purified extract is not a distillate but a formulation of various distillation fractions.
The product has a high concentration of natural hemp terpenes and contains fine waxes.
CBD concentration in CBD Purified extract is standardised and ranging from 65% to 70%.

CBG concentration in CBG Purified extract is standardised and ranging from 60% to 65%.

THC concentration is not higher than 0,08%.

There are minor concentrations of cannabinoids, e.g. CBN present in the extract.
This product is full- spectrum, but the ratio between CBD/CBG and all other minor Cannabinoids is considerable.
The purified extract is red in colour and has an intense hemp fragrance. At room temperature, it will start to crystalize.

High Terpenes CBD extract

High terpene CBD extract

High terpene CBD extract is the terpenoid fraction in the distillation process.

It is used as a terpene additive in production. In this fraction light plant lipids and seed-oil residues are also present.

CBD concentration in the product ranges from 15 % – 50 %.

THC concentration is under 0,2%.

The product is in the form of oil (extra oils are not added to the product).

The color of the extract is batch variable, usually is orange to light green, sometimes with mild red pigment.
High terpene CBD extract is mildly bitter in taste.