CBD or Cannabidiol is a major active ingredient in the hemp plant – Cannabis Sativa L. chemotype III. It was first described and extracted by a  famous US chemist Roger Adams in 1940, 24 years before the discovery of its infamous chemical relative THC.

In recent times consumption of CBD has exploded in medical, food and cosmetic applications. Recent CBD mainstream history started in 2013 with the release of the CNN documentary ” Weed “, the story about 6-year-old girl Charlotte Figi.

Cannabis (and Cannabidiol as one of the two main actives in Cannabis) has a 4700 years documented history of medicinal use. Cannabidiol is currently used as an active ingredient in registered drugs for epilepsy and MS.

CBD interacts with a wide range of receptors in the human body and due to this property CBD is often classified as a “promiscuous molecule”.  The variety of receptor interactions is a reason for the huge potential in the treatment of: Inflammation, Inflammatory pain e.g. Arthritis , Anxiety , ALS , Parkinson’s disease , Schizophrenia , Sleep , Acne , Opioid use disorder , Dystonia , Ulcers , Wound closure, Hearth disease, as external Antibiotic and many more.

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