(Polyporus umbellatus)

Other names: Polyporus umbellatus, Zhu Ling, Pore Fungus, Jelenovo Uho, Umbrella Polypore, Grifola Umbellata, Poliporo Umbelado, Políporo en Umbela, Schermpjeseikhaas, Eichhase, Ästige Büschel-Porling

Polyporus is a rare, edible mushroom that parasites on the roots of old beeches or oaks, causing white rot. For thousands of years, it has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine as a diuretic and antidote. It is considered a precious medicinal fungus.

Polyporus contains valuable bioactive compounds like steroids and polysaccharides. Its main bioactive component is Polyporus umbellatus polysaccharide (PUPS). PUPS has immuno-enhancing, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and hepatoprotective activities. PUPS capsules and injections are approved by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) for treating Hepatitis B, as well as lung and liver cancer.

Polyporus may be beneficial for improving the immune system, preventing the formation of kidney stones, edema, psoriasis, jaundice, hepatitis, vaginal discharge, urinary dysfunction, diarrhea, cancer, chemotherapy, bacterial infections, blood pressure regulation, and hair growth.

Compliance: cosmetics ingredient

Compliance varies from country to country. There is no harmonized botanical list of allowed botanicals in food or food supplements for all EU countries. Compliance for cosmetic ingredients is harmonized in EU.

Please check your local regulation.

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